Welcome to BPL’s New Website

Welcome to BPL’s New Website

Thank you for visiting our new website. Bookmark this new address: http://bowdoinhamlibrary.org and discard the old one: http://www.bowdoinham.lib.me.us/. Many thanks and congratulations go out to our web designer, Bowdoinham’s own Will Zell.

Over the next month as we integrate this site into the day-to-day

operations of the library, you may witness subtle or sometimes dramatic changes to

the content and layout of the various pages. This is all in the spirit of making this site

a custom fit for its wide variety of users and the Bowdoinham Community in particular.

If you have any content suggestions, please send us an email HERE.

If you are experiencing any technical issues with the site such as pages loading funny or not at all etc..send a message to our web designer HERE.

Happy Viewing!

   Bowdoinham Public Library